Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking- part two

Women who do not shy away from opportunities to speak in front of others, show up more confidently and oftentimes more competently. They may not love this activity but they do it. They know it is smart to take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate their worth, accept these opportunities and conquer this fear.

How to get over the fear of public speaking ? Commit to taking action.


Fifteen Ways to Say ‘No’.

Too often I hear from clients who agreed to something they really did not want to. They end up regretful and in hindsight reflect, “I should have said no.” Yet, when I ask them why they agreed or simply said “yes” they replied, “I just felt guilty.” or “I did not know how to say…


How to Get People to Listen to You

  A guiding principle of effective communication is to be other-centered. While this may make sense to us intellectually, what does this REALLY mean? Whether your ‘audience’ is one person or hundreds of people, look to identify what their common views, experiences and/or language is before you craft your message. When you interact in a…