After battling through several internal rounds, my team was selected in a corporate innovation challenge to present our multi-million dollar idea on the “main stage.” The judges – CEO & President of a Fortune 500 company along with the division presidents and a few folks from the Shark Tank (yes, the TV show Shark Tank). The crowd – just 2,000 of my closest colleagues.    Knowing how important this was to my career, I contacted Meg to help with my presentation style and confidence. Meg is tremendous! She worked one-on-one with me to help communicate with confidence, own my space and still have my natural personality come through. What I learned – don’t wait for the “big” presentation to work with Meg. She’s instrumental to help from the beginning.   Bonus – the multi-million dollar idea? Partially funded while they do additional due diligence. Other bonus – fantastic feedback on my performance. – Cari M.

I hired Meg to help develop a speakers arm of our non-profit organization.  Meg connected with our team purposefully and helped us reach and exceed our goals.  -Darren Tipton, Project Humanity

Meg was available, intentional, and clear throughout the coaching process.  She brought a “lightness” to a process which is often heavy.  -Ryan Canaday

Public speaking is incredibly daunting; somehow Meg managed to turn the whole process into a gratifying experience. She helped me dig deep and make myself proud.  -Kirsten Evans

Meg was great! She made me push through the doubt and create a great speech.  She is consistent in making you feel like “you’ve got this” and when you get up to deliver your speech,  you do! -Kay McInnes, Purple Slip Girl/Medical Team leader

I really like the way Meg directs us without making us feel we messed up. She has given me new ideas and a deeper love of speaking.  – Amanda Burgos

Meg was AWESOME! Her style was engaging and humorous, relatable and honest. She gave me so much to think about. I really needed to hear her message and I feel like women of all ages would too. So many speakers talk in theory only, but Meg used real examples from her own life which made her program so much more relevant and fun. She would be a great fit for any women’s group looking to be inspired, encouraged and entertained.- Kim K.

Heard good comments from them (attendees). Entertaining, humorous, energetic, good information… want you to know it was exactly on the nose and well received. I knew it would be, thanks so much once again. Love your presentations! -Marlene P.

I was touched by Meg’s poignant, open and humor infused sharing of her personal faith journey. I so enjoyed Meg’s down-to-earth presentation. She was so well received. Her message holds nuggets of wisdom for women at various levels of their faith journey. -Juli S.

Meg’s presentation was excellent. She was able to meet with several of the members of other participants prior to the presentation and then skillfully meld her observations into her address. -John C.


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