Women and Confident Communication

How women communicate directly impacts their happiness and success in their personal and professional life.  Women can have ineffective communication behaviors due their views of self,  their abilities and others that surround them.  This program explores confident communication practices and rips open the, at times, tedious communication situations specifically geared towards women in today’s world across various industries!
Audience will learn:
  • How communication behaviors reflect a woman’s self esteem…and what to do about it
  • How to handle conflict with dignity
  • How to set boundaries and say “no” without fear of backlash
  • How negative self-talk can inhibit our ability to speak effectively.
  • The four most important actions in any communication situation


Communicating Effortlessly!

Even the most experienced professionals can have tendencies towards certain communication behaviors that undermine their confidence and the strength of their voice.

Meg is passionate about helping others to communicate more effectively and more confidently. With her experience as communication adjunct faculty, a communication coach, and speaker, Meg helps men and women integrate best practices and innovative techniques to improve the way they communicate, in their own style.

Audience will learn:

  • What mistakes NOT to make while communicating, in both written and verbal communication.
  • How to calm nerves and deal with communication anxiety.
  • Proven techniques to help speak with more comfort and confidence, in any situation.
  • How to organize presentations and engage the audience.
  • How to recognize weak communication behaviors and replace them with confident behaviors.


The Superwoman Ideal is Costing Women their Health and Happiness…
and What to do About it!

  • Reveals WHY women today feel pressure to “do it all” perfectly
  • Exposes the dangers of the Superwoman Ideal
  • Uncovers HOW to avoid the dangers of the Superwoman Syndrome
  • Provides REAL solutions that bring calm amidst chaos and are easy to implement, even in the busiest woman’s schedule!

Audience will learn:

  • Why Superwoman should NOT be the goal.
  • HOW to be your best without needing to be perfect!
  • HOW to understand the common behaviors of most women that are adding to their stress…and HOW to stop them!
  • HOW to become more aware on negative messaging and WHAT to do about it!
  • HOW to say “no” without feeling guilty!
  • HOW to find time for yourself!
  • HOW to have a few laughs along the way!

Heaven Help Me! A Spiritual Journey Through Daily Life 

  • Remind women WHY they need to lean on their spirituality to experience less stress and more peace.
  • Humorously explores HOW to train for the daily ‘treadmill’ of life.
  • Provides REAL solutions that are easy to implement, even in the busiest woman’s schedule!

Audience will learn:

  • HOW to be your best…you are not on this journey alone!
  • HOW your faith can help revitalize your daily routine!
  • HOW to say “no” without feeling guilty!
  • HOW to find time for yourself!
  • HOW to incorporate thoughtful reflection into your day
  • HOW to have a few laughs along the way!

Meg’s thought-provoking programs focus on improving the lives of women, at any life stage and age, who balance many roles and the stress that comes with each role.

Clients have called Meg’s programs entertaining, real, poignant energetic, fun and a breath of fresh air!

Meg’s high-energy programs, filled with insight and a good amount of irreverent humor, highlights current research and practical experience. As a married parent of three young children, a college educator and a professional speaker, Meg has developed practical techniques to thrive amid the challenges of daily living. Her programs help participants:

  • Find greater enjoyment, productivity and satisfaction at each stage of life!
  • Challenge the myths of today’s superwoman while offering tips for finding success, satisfaction, and serenity in the midst of what sometimes appears to be chaos.
  • Recharge the battery and re-set the compass to enjoy more of daily living.