Speak Up Stand Out: The Five Drivers of Presenting with Power 

Even the most experienced professionals can have a tendency toward communication behaviors that undermine their confidence and influence over others. This presentation focuses on helping men and women integrate best practices and innovative techniques to present to any audiences, big or small.

You will learn how to:

  • Organize presentations and engage the audience
  • Calm nerves and combat communication anxiety
  • Employ evidence-based techniques to increase influence

Communication: The Cornerstone of Success for College Students

This program empowers students in higher education to raise awareness of their communication style and how it can help them succeed! Evidence-based research is related to students’ situations they encounter daily.  Too often students doubt themselves on what they should say or how they should say it, in specific situations they often encounter, thus deciding to say or do nothing.  After this program, students will gain confidence and strategies on how to put their best foot forward to pursue their goals and succeed!

You will learn how to:

  • Utilize body language to communicate confidence
  • Practice the art of listening
  • Learn how to respectfully disagree with a professor or supervisor
  • Make a great first impression
  • Show up competent and confident in interviews
  • Handle conflicting viewpoints comfortably

These programs educate and entertain by combining credible research with practical experience to boost your communication skills and maximize desired outcomes.

Prepared > Perfect: What Women Must Do to Show Up Genuinely and Powerfully!

Human beings are judged everyday by how we show up, personally and professionally.  Our communication style -what we say, how we say it- has become the basis for how others view us and ultimately treat us. Take charge of your personal and professional future by learning how to communicate with precision intent for dynamic growth!

You will learn how to:

  • Show up confidently (what to say and how to say it)
  • Take up the right amount of space to present yourself powerfully
  • Communicate purposefully in both formal and informal situations

How Superwoman Costs Women their Health and Happiness…and What to Do About It!

Why do women today feel pressure to “do it all” and do it perfectly?  Stress levels in women continue to rise, as do their health concerns.  Can you imagine life without the pressure of perfection?  Sit back, relax, laugh and listen to Meg demonstrate an alternative to living with Superwoman standard.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the dangers of the Superwoman Syndrome
  • Implement sensible solutions to bring calm to chaos for the busiest woman’s schedule
  • Increase awareness of negative messaging…and what to do about it

Meg is passionate about helping others communicate effectively and confidently. She is an experienced Communication Studies college educator, a communication skills expert, consultant, keynote speaker and an active member of the National Speakers Association. Meg helps men and women integrate evidence-based techniques to enhance their communication style to reach their ultimate personal and professional potential!