Put Your Big Girl Pants On- and Other Power Moves to Increase Influence

We spend most of our working hours communicating without purpose. Then wonder why we don’t secure that client, receive the promotion or just feel plain stuck. This program will show how our communication behaviors dictate our future success and how women can easily show up with purpose and power!

Human beings are judged everyday by how we show up, personally and professionally.  Our communication style -what we say, how we say it- has become the basis for how others view us and ultimately treat us. Take charge of your personal and professional future by learning how to communicate with precision intent for dynamic growth!

Participants will learn how to:

  • increase awareness of how our communication behaviors dictate how others view us and treat us
  • Show up confidently (and why that is important)
  • How to adopt specific body language techniques to increase your influence
  • Control any fears of speaking in front of others
  • Communicate purposefully in both formal and informal situations

At the close of the program, attendees will report: (1) an increased knowledge of how their communication behaviors affect other’s perception of them and how this influences their career. (2) Increased ability to implement specific techniques to communicate confidence, expertise and influence.

Why the Superwoman Ideal is Costing Women their Health and Happiness… and what to do about it! 

Why do women today feel pressure to “do it all” and do it perfectly? Is there a danger to buying into a superwoman ideal?

Audience will learn:

  • How the quest for perfection is impacting women negatively
  • How to avoid the dangers of the Superwoman Syndrome
  • Sensible solutions to bring calm to chaos for the busiest woman’s schedule
  • How to become more aware of negative messaging and what to do about it
  • How to have a few laughs along the way

Meg is passionate about helping women free themselves of the unrealistic expectations of the Superwoman Ideal, that many women feel in today’s world. Striking the right balance of research, candid reflections, humorous stories and ‘low-stress’ engaging activities, Meg’s program brings to light the intrinsic value of self-worth in every woman, thus placing the quest for perfection in a healthier perspective.