Coaching Circles:

Because SOMETHING good needs to happen in 2020….

Meg is launching a small group coaching program for professional women who are DONEZO with excuses and ready to take better control of their professional life!

Coaching circles include a group of 10 women in similar career stages who would benefit from an increased ability to:

  • Think on their feet and speak confidently, especially in impromptu situations.
  • Present, virtually or in-person, in a strong manner, exuding self-assuredness and competence.
  • Earn the respect of those in positions of power
  • Respectfully communicate boundaries to colleagues and supervisors
  • Interview strongly and represent yourself well
  • Show up to the best of your ability in any communication situation- virtually and in person.

The next coaching circle begins on October 22, 2020. Coaching will include a monthly Zoom call, which could very well just feel like a bunch of smart women, discovering techniques to advocate for themselves in new ways!

What you talkin’ about Willis? 

Still not sure about this monkey business? A brief convo will likely help to clarify your thoughts and any questions regarding whether or not this opportunity is a good fit!

Whaddya’ have to lose?

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