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Law Enforcement Professionals

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This Communication Boot Camp is specifically geared for the law enforcement professional with individualized, focused training that will help participants improve their communication skills in various situations like impromptu speaking, formal presentations and testimony. Whether this is a refresher or a first step in professional training in communication-

Participants will learn how to:

  • Become more comfortable with your delivery and ensure effectiveness of your messaging.
  • Prepare for the unexpected communication situation
  • Provide a fluent, confident and professional testimony.
  • Organize your thoughts quickly so you do not talk in circle when presenting
  • Present powerfully and properly to increase engagement of your audience
  • Utilize effective body language to build rapport, especially when de-escalation is desirable
  • Adopt best practices for rehearsing your material in the most effective manner, especially when pressed for time
  • Implement well-researched communication techniques during situations that are common in law enforcement, to ensure maximum effectiveness

First come, first serve!

Communication Boot Camp to be held:

Friday, May 21 @ 11 Douglas Ave, Elgin, IL (Second Floor- Conference Room). Registration fee is $295.  Claim your seat now! (For groups of 10 or more, please email meg@megbucaro.com.)

Small tweaks can make a big difference in communicating effectively!

Whether it is your testimony, a last-minute speech which leaves you feeling ill-prepared, or a simple response to a call where you’d like to improve how you present yourself, this boot camp will provide a quick boost to your communication skills! 

Meg Bucaro is a communication expert who works with law enforcement officers, attorneys, as well as clients in the healthcare, education and business fields who seek to improve the effectiveness of their communication skills. Meg is on the faculty in the Communication Studies Department at Elgin Community College and has taught in higher education since 2001. She speaks professionally on the important role our communication styles increase trust, likability and credibility in any industry. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association. 

Meg shares her expertise in this boot camp specifically customized for law enforcement officers who want to improve the effectiveness of their communication skills.

Questions? Call, text or email Meg at 847. 691. 8119 or meg@megbucaro.com.