Do you feel self-conscious while speaking in front of a crowd? In an important meeting? On the stand? Do you wish you had said something differently? Had spoken up? Just be more effective? More respected? Feel more comfortable while speaking in front of others?

Would you like to be a more confident communicator?

As professional speaker and a communication instructor in higher education, Meg coaches men and women who seek to increase their confidence while communicating, in their personal or professional life.

Clients find Meg helps them in various situations to speak more confidently.  Clients are able to channel their own individual style in a confident and comfortable way while presenting after working with Meg.  Those who have sought Meg’s coaching (individual and group) include law enforcement officers, hospital administrators, witnesses in courtroom trials, corporate project managers, higher education administrators, and educators.


Meg’s Communication Boot Camps provide professionals the opportunity for laser-like focus, to devote three hours of concentrated training specific to position/situation.  The small group environment, usually between 10-20 clients, affords the ability to learn and practice new techniques, to ensure improved skills after completion of the Boot Camp.

Law Enforcement Testimony

After 15+ combined years in the professional speaking, teaching and communication coaching arena, Meg noticed a lack of training for law enforcement professionals who desire to improve their expert testimony.  To help fulfill this need, this Law Enforcement Testimony Boot Camp was launched to address the following topics:

  • How to create thoughtful answers to basic questions.
  • How to anticipate questions from the defense and prepare succinct answers.
  • How to utilize body language to demonstrate honesty and credibility.
  • How to calm nerves before testimony.
  • How to practice, prior to taking the stand, with the most efficient and effective methods.

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