Professionals who want a highly customized approach to improved presentation skills seek Meg’s one-on-one coaching programs.

Coaching clients have seen improvement on the stand during courtroom testimony, during sale pitches, political candidate forums, impromptu speaking situations, job interviews and general presentations. Clients seek expertise for help in four main areas:

  • Structured presentations
  • Courtroom testimony (as a civilian or expert witness)
  • Impromptu speaking in various situations, including but not limited to law enforcement
  • Courtroom presentation skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Fine tuning high-stakes presentations

This is a comprehensive training option for people who desire focused attention for quick and yet sustainable results.


Companies who need help articulating what and how they serve their potential clients hire Meg to help take their organization’s messaging to the next level. Whether it is creating core communications like slogans, elevator speeches or preparation for a sales pitch, Meg helps clients say what they want to say in a manner that is effective, comfortable and personalized to fit the organization’s identity.


Reasons why clients seek Meg’s consultant services:

  • Need for congruent, company-wide messaging
  • Preparation for a keynote speech/sale pitch/important meeting
  • In need of a good company slogan that is truly indicative of the organization’s identity

Contact Meg to explore the possibility of working together!